LaserWash G5 Touchfree™ Carwash

The provides the very best and safest automated carwash available!

Simply select the wash package you want at the pay station, and follow the automated signs. Our LaserWash takes care of the rest.

Accepts $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills, and all Major Credit Cards


Description of LaserWash Services

Undercarriage Wash  is applied at High Pressure (1100 PSI) to remove mud, sand and salt from the bottom of your vehicle and lower rocker panels. Undercarriage Wash helps to prevent corrosion and provides a cleaner car.
Foaming Presoak 1  applies specially formulated soap to gently loosen stubborn road film.
Blue Coral® Foaming Presoak 2  applies specially formulated soap to remove stubborn soils and grime that are unlike road film.
High Pressure LaserWash™  is used to remove the road film and stubborn soils and grime Touchfree™ that have been loosened during the Presoak cycles.
Blue Coral® Triple Foam Conditioner  provides three colors of conditioners to enhance the luster and shine of your vehicle.
RainX   is applied under high pressure to provide deep protection and shine to your vehicles finish.
Spot Free Rinse  applies purified water to remove water used in the wash process. This enhances the appearance of the vehicle by eliminating spots when the vehicle dries.
LaserDri™  provides the finishing touch to your vehicles wash by removing excess water from the vehicle after the wash process has been completed. This helps prevent dirt from re-depositing on the vehicles wet surface.