By using our carwash you are helping protect the environment. All car wash solutions used by Autorific Carwashes are biodegradable and safe for the environment. While washing your automobile at Autorific Carwash the wash solutions and dirt are disposed of properly through the sanitary sewer system. This protects our rivers and streams from the pollutants associated with washing cars in driveways and parking lots.

We invest in new technologies to provide cleaner cars and reduce our consumption of natural resources.

It takes on average less than 18 gallons of water to wash a car in our self-serve bays, while many people use on average 150 gallons to wash their cars at home. By utilizing water efficient equipment we are saving water every day, and helping protect our environment and water supply.

Autorific is a proud member of the International Carwash Association’s Water Savers program!

Autorific car washes are Members of the North Carolina Professional Carwash Association and are Certified Water Conservation facilities.